Flowers 150 days!

Magical Flowertree blue

Meet the Magical Flower Tree. It's a hydrangea, but as a standard with branches filled with flowers ... so a flowering tree. The Magical Flower Tree is about 40 centimetres tall and flowers for a remarkable 150 days. Its height means that the plant combines beautifully with smaller houseplants. This new standard hydrangea also has a magical touch: daylight influences the flower colour. The more daylight, the stronger the effect. You buy the plant with pink or blue balls of flowers, and within a few months the flowers change colour to a fabulous shade of dark red.

With proper care you can enjoy this richly-flowering Magical hydrangea for at least 150 days. It’s something that every flower lover can enjoy!


  • Changes colour from light blue to deep red
  • Nice compact plant structure
  • Many tiny flowers per plant
  • Exceptional quality, stays in bloom for 150 days
  • Available in 14 cm pots


Magical colour change