Flowers 150 days!

Special characteristics

There is good reason why Magical house hydrangeas are called ‘Magical Colours, Your Home’. The cheerful globular plants, overflowing with flowers, will add colour to your home. Besides having long vase lives, the colour-changing characteristic of the Magical hydrangea is a USP (unique selling point) that distinguishes the plant – a real gobstopper, as it were!

Magical change of colour

The compact, richly-flowering house hydrangea comes in two varieties: Magical Revolution and Magical Amethyst. They are both available in their clear starting colours, pink and blue. When exposed to daylight, the hydrangeas slowly change colour. The Magical Revolution flowers start in pink and blue and end up dark red. The Magical Amethyst ultimately changes into deep-green flowers.

150 days in bloom

The Magical house hydrangea is amazingly robust plant that continues to bloom for an extremely long period. With proper care, you will certainly enjoy 150 days of pure flower power. Moreover, the required care is easy: always keep the soil moist and add a bit of hydrangea plant nutrient once a month. For more tips, see the plant care page.

Magical hydrangea house plants come in different pot sizes and are available from end March to September at garden centres and florist’s.