Flowers 150 days!

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Place your Magical hydrangea in your home where there is good light, but not in bright sunlight. The Magical hydrangea does not like dry roots. You should therefore make sure that the soil remains moist. Give it a small amount of nutrient weekly and it will thank you by providing 150 days of pleasure at its very best. The ideal temperature for the Magical house hydrangea is between 18 and 23 degrees C.

The Magical hydrangea does not like dry roots. You should therefore keep the soil moist. You can pamper the hydrangea further with an immersion bath (once a week). Do not give it too much water. Too much water in the outer pot or dish could kill off the roots through lack of oxygen. The flowers and leaves would then wilt, as in the case of too dry soil. Keep the flowers dry when watering.

The selection of Magical Colours your Home is sold at various garden centres and florists in Europe, including in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Scandinavia, the UK and Spain. If you would like a complete list of countries, visit the hydrangea sales page. Check the folders of the store chains or follow us on Facebook to stay abreast of any discount sales.

The Magical home hydrangea is different from most other house plants. It is compact and stands out for its long vase life. With proper care, you will certainly enjoy 150 days of pleasure with this richly-flowering Magical hydrangea. The changing colours of the flowers is a feast for the eye – from a hydrangeas with bright colours to a house plant with magnificent autumn tints.

The Magical house hydrangea grows up in a warm greenhouse, with the most ideal temperature of between 18 and 23 degrees C. Garden hydrangeas from Magical are grown in unheated greenhouses and sometimes even cultivated outdoors. As a result, they can better withstand wind, rain, sun and frost. Garden hydrangeas will find an indoor climate somewhat uncomfortable – and vice versa!

The Magical house hydrangeas are robust plants that continue flowering for an extremely long period. With proper care, they will certainly provide 150 days of pleasure.

Yes, in the Magical garden hydrangea series, but not yet for the house-plant series. But, you never know, they might be available next year. Watch our website and Facebook page.

A blue hydrangea house plant does not require extra care to maintain its blue colour. The pot contains sufficient aluminium sulphate to keep the flower blue during the flowering season.

The best place for the Magical hydrangea at home is an area with good light. Avoid direct sunlight, which could cause scorching of the flower and leaves.

The first hydrangea appeared in Europe around 1735. Prior to that, hydrangeas had been used in Chinese and Japanese gardens for centuries. But the hydrangea appears to be even older. From findings of fossil remains, we know that the hydrangea existed some 140 years ago.

Hydrangea is the Latin name for hortensia. The Magical hydrangeas belong to the Hydrangea macrophylla family -- one of the best-known shrubs, the popular term for which in Dutch is the ‘boerenhortensia’ or farmer’s hortensia.

There are two flower shapes: the globular and the umbellar. Tellers are hydrangeas with unusually large edge flowers. With globular hydrangeas the flowers are evenly distributed. In Dutch we sometimes refer to these hydrangeas as farmer’s hortensias. The Magical hydrangea belong to the latter group.

Yes. You can long enjoy the Magical hydrangea as cut flowers in a vase. The flower remains compact and retains its colour. After blooming, you can dry the flowers for decorative use.